Tuesday, January 20, 2009

tagged by jo...read without intense

1. Your name?

2. Your age?
hurm..meybe 23 or wat do u think?...tanak tua lah

3. One of your friends?
everybody that i called friends

4. What should you be doing?
homework,study n practicing my dancing step for ICN

5. Favourite colours?
brown hazel

6. Birthplace?
Balik Pulau

7. Month of your birth?
January (pembuka tirai stp tahun)

8. Last person you talked to?
hurm..the boy next door, i dun noe his name...just asking me some question that i dont noe..

9. One of your nicknames?

10. Now I wanna tag.....
2.edan coba
3.cik zul

3 kate korang:

EnAid said...

tahun ini kita sama sama melanjut tahun ke-23.

we~win said...

tima kasheh la atas tag itew miss danielle...

edancoba said...

mizz me?? im so appreciate that!
bezt 4 eve