Saturday, February 28, 2009

purple thingie...

i luvvvvvvvvvvvv my new hp pouch..purple linky purl..luv it...yesterday i got this from jo.she gave it to me as a birthday present, even though my birthday already past..but thanks jo, i`ve seen this gurl do this knitting thing in the class before lectuter enter the clas..i`m so appreciate for this lufly gift..hey, its a hand made dowh...

back to bm, then petang tuh..when entering lireasi class..rasa macam sonok plak dok bawa pouch neh kehulu kehilir ala2 model mempamerkan produk industri desa gittew...huhuhu..ramai gak geng2 len jealous tengok aku da pouch...sebab pepel color!!...cantekkk...sue, pon mention kat jo mok color pepel, but i strictly disagree...yer la...da sama color..takmo..takmo...but i tak kesah sebenarnyer...but..aneywayz..thanks jojo coz giving me this lufly hp sweet...

p/s jo pon review the same things...hahaha...heheh..n lagi 1, aku hampir-hampir tepost mender kat kongsi is caring...matila kene saman

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Kinda Fun..tagged by win

Rules :

* They have to be real...nothing made up!

* If the person before you had the same first initial, you must use

* You cannot use any word twice and you can't use your name for the boy/girl name question.
* TAG 5 more friends to do it...

The Initial - D for Danielle

1. What is your name : Danielle

2. A four Letter Word : Damn!!!

3. A boy's Name : Didie

4. A girl's Name : Devon

5. An occupation : Dish washer...

6. A colour : Dark

7. Something you'll wear : Dark shirt

8. A food : Dorayaki...

9. Something found in the bathroom: Dove...shampoo

10. A place : Denmark

11. A reason for being late : Dooms day!!1(hehehe)

12. Something you'd shout : DAMN!!!

13. A movie title : Desperate Housewives...luv it!!

14. Something you drink : Dutch Lady milk

15. A musical group : DBSK(korean Artist)

16. An animal : Dolphin...agile n swift...

17. A street name : Downing Street (in Penang)

18. A type of car : Distructive car...

19. The title of a song :Disturbia-rihanna hit by C.B hehehe

***I'm TAGging........

cik zul..

Friday, February 20, 2009

i was tagged by jo...

1. Danielle's ex boy/girl-friend(s):
hahaha...wondering hu...

2. Danielle listenin' to:
bad girl by pussycatdolls mix with jo blog page berserabot...two page in the same time

3. Maybe Danielle Shud:
consider to do assingment(advance multimedia) or watch Underworld or DH(desperate housewives)

4. Danielle like to learn:
latin dance-->samba,salsa,tango..hehehe

5. Danielle BestFriend:
me, myself n i--> coz i know more hu am i really is...

6. Danielle dont understand:
why do we discriminate(kidnapping jo answers) but its true...

7.Danielle lost:
my hair!!!...i hate it! hahaha(we are same jo)any ideas?

8. Many people said Danielle chubby
hurm...absolutely the skinny guy lor...but i luv the way i am...didnt say dat i satisfied wit my figure. but its ok lor, if i`m getting fat, need to throw away all my shrinking shirt!...well..

9. Danielle living in a place called:
Kolej Beta and the valley of place...i gave it that name..

10.The meaning of Danielle's real name:
the name of one Prophet friends, wise n intelligent...well, i dun noe, its stated in the book..dun blame me keyh...

11.Love is:
i luv myself

12.The meaning of 'Forever':
always be in my heart...huhuh

13.Danielle will try:
well self managed and avoid from fighting...grrrr...

14. Danielle's HP:
Nokia 5300 express music

15.Danielle's very annoyed:
when sum 1 talking to each others when i walking pass them..FYI..fook off!!!wuht eva!!

16.Whenever Danielle's Wakeup from sleep:
stay like a stone 4 a while n thinking wuht shud i do today..

17.Party is:
Its my world beybeh...hurm( i dun mean it)

18.The cutest animal:
panda...huhuh..wanna hug them

19.Danielle's best age:
20!!!...hahah..the best time eva!!!

20.Danielle's felt tension today:
assignments, assingments,assingments awaits... shit..wuht to do ha?...

21.Tonite, Danielle will:
watch muvies, do muvies, do assingments..hurm?

22.When Danielle look at himherself in the mirror this morning:
i wanna do a surgery on my face...hahaha

23.Shopping Mall:
makes me pokai!!!

24.Fast food are usually:
eat it when lazy to oso..

25.Now... i'm going to tag: win and pohqi !

Thursday, February 5, 2009

wuht to lor...

hurm...i cant sleep in the eve, but i`m so sleepy lor..pening la dengan masalah kelas e-com. perasaan ragu-ragu yang menghantui fikiranku bile dak-dak len tanya ada ker takder kelas petang neh...tanak jadik kes macam kelas advanced multimedia..orang tanye, aku just jawab takder tu pown selepas berbincang n membuat hipotesis yang tak masok dek akal dengan kengkawan len...hah!!!...memang merepek...
petang neh aku tak taw la, otak rasa macam tak dapat berfikir..dah la sok nak kene anta borang kolej kediaman...nak print slip lak tak boley...tomoro i got to go to HEA...need thier help to print my slip...

*cukop la kowt...takder mood lar..haishhhhhhhhhh...