Friday, February 20, 2009

i was tagged by jo...

1. Danielle's ex boy/girl-friend(s):
hahaha...wondering hu...

2. Danielle listenin' to:
bad girl by pussycatdolls mix with jo blog page berserabot...two page in the same time

3. Maybe Danielle Shud:
consider to do assingment(advance multimedia) or watch Underworld or DH(desperate housewives)

4. Danielle like to learn:
latin dance-->samba,salsa,tango..hehehe

5. Danielle BestFriend:
me, myself n i--> coz i know more hu am i really is...

6. Danielle dont understand:
why do we discriminate(kidnapping jo answers) but its true...

7.Danielle lost:
my hair!!!...i hate it! hahaha(we are same jo)any ideas?

8. Many people said Danielle chubby
hurm...absolutely the skinny guy lor...but i luv the way i am...didnt say dat i satisfied wit my figure. but its ok lor, if i`m getting fat, need to throw away all my shrinking shirt!...well..

9. Danielle living in a place called:
Kolej Beta and the valley of place...i gave it that name..

10.The meaning of Danielle's real name:
the name of one Prophet friends, wise n intelligent...well, i dun noe, its stated in the book..dun blame me keyh...

11.Love is:
i luv myself

12.The meaning of 'Forever':
always be in my heart...huhuh

13.Danielle will try:
well self managed and avoid from fighting...grrrr...

14. Danielle's HP:
Nokia 5300 express music

15.Danielle's very annoyed:
when sum 1 talking to each others when i walking pass them..FYI..fook off!!!wuht eva!!

16.Whenever Danielle's Wakeup from sleep:
stay like a stone 4 a while n thinking wuht shud i do today..

17.Party is:
Its my world beybeh...hurm( i dun mean it)

18.The cutest animal:
panda...huhuh..wanna hug them

19.Danielle's best age:
20!!!...hahah..the best time eva!!!

20.Danielle's felt tension today:
assignments, assingments,assingments awaits... shit..wuht to do ha?...

21.Tonite, Danielle will:
watch muvies, do muvies, do assingments..hurm?

22.When Danielle look at himherself in the mirror this morning:
i wanna do a surgery on my face...hahaha

23.Shopping Mall:
makes me pokai!!!

24.Fast food are usually:
eat it when lazy to oso..

25.Now... i'm going to tag: win and pohqi !

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