Thursday, May 7, 2009

Penang Touchdown : 5 days to go

hah!!!..wat a relief..since yesterday i`ve finished my last 2 papers in 1 days...wuht a sheyt!!!...per per pon aku da lega, n now focusing on going back home! yea to my hometown!!!..dah abes exam neh, jadi xder keje nak wat...i`m just being a plain lazy..sort off..hehehe. bz ngan packing barang n clean all the stuff. need to upload it in store...huhuh..ponat tapi i could say here, this sem memang macam palat time, no enjoy( eventhough i oweyz head off to mc d n piza)hehehe...tapi sume tuh da lepas..aku lega..sangat..sangat lega..

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